Factory high quality 80 counts multipurpose Surface cleaning antibacterial wipes

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Support custom packaging, custom specifications, custom formulas, alcohol disinfection wipes. Wholesale at low prices. High-quality non-woven fabric.

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*Product parameters

Product Name: 75% Alcohol wipes
Model Number: QMSJ-335
Material: non-woven
Active ingredients: Alcohol 75%, Nov-woven,Ro-water
Inactive Ingredients: Water, Aloe Vera, Citrus Scent
Size: 13*17cm
Weight(Gramme/Square Meter): 40gsm
Pieces per can: 100 counts
Specific Use: Antibacterial, disinfection sanitizing and cleaning.
MOQ: 1000 cans
Certification: CE, FDA, EPA, MSDS
Shelf Life: 2 years
Packing detail 12 cans/carton
Samples: Free
OEM&ODM: Accept
Payment term: L/CD/AD/PT/TWestern Union
Port: Shanghai, Ningbo

*Product description

Disposable alcohol disinfection wipes is inconvenient to use when it is not easy to clean with water when going out, and it is disposable. The liquid components of ordinary wet wipes are generally distilled or purified water, disinfectants, and fragrances, which can be used to clean the skin. The alcohol disinfectant wipes can also play a certain role in sterilization and disinfection while cleaning the skin. It can also sterilize and inhibit bacteria while cleaning, which has a better cleaning effect and is convenient to carry. The wipe on the right is an alcohol wipe that contains 75% alcohol and can effectively sterilize.

We finally got this alcohol wipes after many R&D and testing. The higher concentration of alcohol will really play the role of sterilization. And this alcohol wipes has a high alcohol content.

The simple and beautiful design makes it more popular. The sealed lid can effectively control the volatilization of alcohol.


Alcohol wet wipes


disinfection wipes

In the past, the wet wipes may not be easy to tear off when you use them. This wet wipe has been improved in this respect. We have improved the cutting density of the machine so that you can easily tear off the wipes.
And this wipe is thicker than most wipes on the market. The soft non-woven fabric is very skin-friendly.

75% alcohol wipes. Efficient disinfection. Can kill 99.9% of bacteria. After dermatology test, it is harmless to the skin and can be used repeatedly. Do not eat, swallow. Not a substitute for medical supplies.


We have many years of experience in the production and sales of wet wipes industry.

We have a huge product database, optimized workflow and strict quality control system.

We have many types of wet wipes, such as irregular disinfection wipes, makeup remover wipes, baby wipes, pet wipes, car wipes, kitchen wipes, body wipes, dry wipes, etc.

We can provide you with customized services. We will be your ideal OEM and ODM.Our total output exceeds 80,000,000 pieces.

We have import and export licenses. Guaranteed the right to export our products. Our products have passed CE, FDA, MSDS and other certification registrations. If you have other certification requirements, we are very willing to negotiate with you to complete.

*Directions for Use

Open package. Pull wipe. Close package to retain moisture
wet hands thoroughly with product
Allow to dry without rinsing

*Other information

store between 15-30C (59-86F)
Avoid freezing and exessive heat aboce 40C(104F)

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