Customize easily effectively clean white and leather shoes wipes

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Clean, nourish and brighten shoe wipes. 40 wet wipes per can. The size of the wet wipes is 16*16cm. Double-folded, thick non-woven fabric.

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*Product parameters

Product Name: Shoe polishing double-folded soft shoe wipes
Model Number: QMSJ--321
Material: High quality spunlace non-woven fabric
Ingredients: Lanolin, beeswax, leather nourishing liquid
Size: 18*20cm
Weight(Gramme/Square Meter): 45gsm
Pieces per can: 40 sheets
Specific Use: Shoe care wipes can clean, nourish and brighten shoes.
MOQ: 5000 cans
Certification: CE, FDA, MSDS
Shelf Life: 2 years
Packing detail 48 cans/carton
Samples: Free
OEM&ODM: Accept
Payment term: L/CD/AD/PT/TWestern Union
Port: Shanghai, Ningbo

*Product description

If you are tired of rainy days and muddy puddles stain your beautiful shoes,

If you are tired of wearing shoes for a long time, it will become moldy,

If you don’t want to wear shoes that have accumulated dust from being left for a long time,

If your work and life are arranged so full that you have no time to take care of your shoes every time you go out, but you can't accept going out wearing stained shoes,

Then you must need this convenient and efficient shoe cleaning wipe.

Shoes will always encounter rain stains, mud stains, and stains, but we who love cleaning do not allow dirty shoes.

shoe cleaning wipes


leather shoe clean wipes

1. No need to brush your shoes again. you can wear it after wiping. You only need to take out a piece of wet wipes and wipe gently on your shoes. Your shoes will be immediately clean and shiny, and the cleaning is very thorough.

2. Protect the surface from dust. For deep maintenance. Shoe wet wipes contain nourishing ingredients for leather, and leather nourishing liquid is used to make the leather softer and brighter. Daily use can extend the life of leather.

3. Colorless formula, wide application range. The formula of the wipes has no color ingredients, so you can safely use it on shoes of various colors. And it can not only wipe shoes, you can also wipe leather sofas, belts, leather clothes, leather bags and so on.

4. Efficient cleaning, no hand injury. The shoe wipes are made of high-quality spunlace non-woven fabrics, which are thick and soft, without any harm to your hands. And its barrel design is very easy to extract and use.


Shoes wipes can be used in all kinds of polishable leather shoes. It is prohibited to use suede leather, suede leather, and oil leather.

When using shoe cleaning wipes, you should first wipe the leather where it is not obvious to prevent the phenomenon of fading after wiping due to not understanding the nature of the leather.

Because this shoe wet wipes is a colorless formula, like colorless shoe polish, when you wipe colored shoes, you will see the color of the shoe polish stained on the cloth, which is normal and will not affect the leather. It is recommended to use colored shoe polish to wipe and color up every other month.

After each use, please reset the small cap in time to prevent the loss of liquid.

Please keep it out of reach of babies and pets to avoid accidental ingestion.

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