Makeup removal wipes are disposable toiletries to assist makeup removal

Makeup removal wipes are disposable toiletries to assist makeup removal, with the basic functions of cleaning and moisturizing the skin. Take non-woven fabric as the carrier, add the cleaning liquid containing makeup remover components, and achieve the purpose of removing makeup by wiping.

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Usually, the component that discharge makeup is made by surface active agent and water phase, use surface active agent makeup emulsification, disperse, produce discharge makeup effect through the physical force that wipe again.
The worst part of makeup is taking it off at the end of the day. Disposable makeup wipes and cotton pads are convenient,most people think they are essential. Assuming that your cleanser cannot remove makeup by itself, you need something that can remove makeup. But the problem is: no matter what type of facial cleanser you use, it can remove makeup. All you have to do is apply it on dry face.
At this point, splashing water on your face in front of Jie may be second nature, but it will only make the job of cleansing more difficult-especially when you put on makeup, sunscreen, or both. Time. These are insoluble in water, so the initial splash will hang on the surface of your skin, creating a barrier between your cleanser and what you want to remove. When you apply it to dry skin, there is no barrier, so the surfactant can easily dissolve your waterproof foundation and zinc-based sunscreen. All you have to do is rinse it off.
You can do this with any cleanser in any form-liquids, gels, foams, creams, and even sticks work well. Just pump or squeeze a large amount of cleanser into your hands and massage on dry face for about 30 seconds. (For soap, please foam under the faucet first, and then apply the foam to your face.) If you use a super mild and gentle cleanser, try to gently apply a little on the eyes to dissolve the mascara and eyeliner-it Will not drip into your eyes until you add water.
At this point your cosmetics should have dissolved well, but for extra safety, put your finger under the faucet and use the excess water to slightly emulsify the cleanser. You can now rinse your face thoroughly and pat dry. If there is still some mascara residue, please use a damp Q-Tip or towel to clean it up.
This process is gentler, cheaper and more effective than any other makeup remover I have tried. It reliably dissolves everything from minimal makeup to the entire face without causing unexpected rosacea flare, which is more than I can say about makeup wipes and micellar water. If you have been scalded by makeup remover in the past — or just need an easy way to wash off thick, greasy sunscreen — don’t continue to spend money on products that may not help. Your regular cleaner may be what you need.

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