How to choose baby wipes?


In 4 simple steps, teach you to choose a safe wipe!

1: Look at the ingredients and packaging.

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Parents must buy infant wet wipes from regular channels, and they must carefully look at them when choosing:

For product ingredients, it is best to choose products that are clearly labeled as not containing unsafe ingredients such as alcohol, flavors, and fluorescent agents.

For product packaging and manuals, select products from regular manufacturers that have detailed factory address, service phone number, sanitary standards, implementation standards, and relevant sanitation licenses from the health department.

2: Smell the smell.

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Try not to choose baby wipes that contain strong scents or pungent smells such as alcohol.

Q: Ask about the experience and ingredients.

A good wet wipe will not cause skin irritation such as redness, swelling and tingling. Once these symptoms appear, it is recommended to stop using it immediately.

When buying or changing the brand of wet wipes for the first time, you can ask more about the experience of using the mothers around you, and also consult the shop assistant or customer service staff.

3: Touch the material.

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Choose baby wipes with soft material and not easy to fluff, so that the baby’s experience will be comfortable;

At the same time, wet wipes with relatively simple ingredients should be non-sticky and non-greasy when wiped on your hands. If the squeezed water is cloudy and viscous, it may be that too many additional ingredients have been added.

The baby’s skin is more delicate and sensitive. If necessary, parents can buy it and try it out before making a decision.

All ingredients are marked on the package, without any chemical preservatives, and the whole plant formula is used.

Although there is no requirement to label all the ingredients on the packaging of baby wipes in China, in Europe, Taiwan, China and other places, wet wipes belong to the management of skin care products, and it is mandatory to label all ingredients.

Pei’ai wet wipes require high standards and strict requirements for themselves, label all ingredients, respect consumers’ right to know, so that every mother can choose and use them more at ease.

Post time: Mar-25-2021