The development trend of wet wipes label

Wet wipes packaging labels need to meet the special requirements of tightness, opening and closing for many times, which puts forward a lot of special requirements for sealing labels. At present, there are three trends in the development of wet towel labels:

Wet wipes

Trend 1: Convenience

Sealing labels should meet the simple, time-saving and convenient consumption needs of wet wipes, as well as different sales methods for wet wipes, including physical shopping and online sales



Trend 2: Sustainability

In line with the sustainable development trend of the packaging industry as a whole, wet wipes sealing labels need to reduce and eliminate plastic waste, use natural raw materials, use biodegradable materials, etc.



Trend 3: Decrease

Statistics show that the consumption of wet towel labels on a square meter basis exceeds the growth on a ton basis, indicating that the wet towel label material is becoming thinner under the trend of sustainable development. Wet wipes sealing label packaging materials increasingly toward the development of a single label is replacing the hard plastic cover

Post time: Jun-29-2021