How to choose the right baby wipes for your baby?

Baby wipes can be said to be a must-have item for home travel. You need to change your baby's diaper and wipe your hands and mouth. Although baby wipes are considered "consumables", they are mainly used for cleaning, but if you want to choose them carefully, there are still many points that can be considered. Today we will share with parents the tips to pay attention to when choosing baby wipes for babies, and recommend some best-selling baby wipes in the United States. Come and take a look!

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Tips to pay attention to when choosing baby wipes

1. Choose scented or non-scented wipes?

Usually we recommend choosing unscented wipes for babies, because many babies’ skin is very sensitive, especially small butt, and fragrance-free wipes are not easy to irritate the baby’s tender skin. Of course, if your baby’s skin is not particularly sensitive, it’s okay to use some scented ones, but don’t have too strong scents.

2. Do you want to choose Extra-Thick?

If you don't want to get poop when wiping your baby's buttocks, you must prepare especially thick wipes.

3. Should I choose Flushable?

Wet wipes that can be flushed into the toilet are more suitable for potty training babies. Most of the wet wipes used by parents to change the baby's diapers are directly thrown in the trash can. If this is the case, it is best to buy a tight seal A special trash can for diapers that can isolate the smell. (Refer to for recommendations of best-selling diaper bins in the United States)


4. Choose a well-known brand or a cheap brand?

Generally, small-brand wet wipes are cheaper than big-brand products, and some parents may buy some cheap wet wipes to save money. But parents still need to consider "you get what you pay for". Maybe some cheap wet wipes are made thinner, and you need to use several sheets at a time, so that the cost of wet wipes from well-known brands is about the same. Therefore, we recommend that parents choose more well-known brands, and they can stock up on discounts.

5. Pay attention to distinguish between those who wipe your buttocks and those who wipe your hands and face.

Many baby wipes in the United States will write diaper wipe, which is specifically used to wipe the buttocks. It is best not to wipe the baby's face because the skin on the baby's face is different from the skin on the butt. Of course, there are also some wet wipes that can be used to wipe your skin or your hands and face. Please pay attention to the instructions on the product packaging when you buy them.

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Post time: Dec-28-2020