How to choose alcohol wipes

How to choose alcohol wipes?

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1. Alcohol concentration
You can look at the outer packaging and instructions to initially determine the alcohol concentration of the wipes. At present, 75% alcohol is mainly used in the market, which can achieve a relatively good sterilization effect.

2. Types of alcohol
The alcohol contained in the alcohol disinfection wipes mainly comes from medical alcohol. The concentration of edible alcohol is low, and the disinfection effect is not ideal; industrial alcohol contains a certain amount of impurities such as methanol, aldehydes, organic acids, etc., which is highly toxic and cannot be used for human body disinfection. Serious poisoning can lead to blindness and even death.

3. Whether there are nourishing ingredients
Alcohol can easily cause dry hands and feet. Wet wipes with nourishing ingredients can make up for this shortcoming.

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But the nourishing ingredients are also different. There are mainly chemical ingredients and plant extracts, such as shea butter extract and chamomile extract.

In comparison, the use of plant extracts as nourishing ingredients does not harm the human body, but if chemical additives are used to achieve the moisturizing effect, long-term use of such wet wipes will have a greater impact on the skin.

Therefore, it is best to choose wet wipes with natural nourishing ingredients, or wet wipes without additives.

Post time: May-19-2021