Hair scalp cleansing wipes

In December 2020, BETTER launched a new hair and scalp cleansing wipes. It is a non-medicinal disposable wipes. The wet wipes contain the nutrients needed for hair, enough to keep your hair bright for a day, and effectively remove debris and excess oil on the scalp.

hair cleaning wipes

oil control hair wipes

In addition to adding the usual hair nutrient solution and scalp care solution to this hair wipe, we also inject an appropriate amount of menthol. Not only can peppermint make your oily ends smell good, but it is also a good news for people without hair.

anti-dandruff hair wipes

disposable hair wipes

I think you have already guessed it, this hair scalp wipe is no wash. If you don’t have time to take care of your hair, this wipe can definitely help you. It is very convenient and convenient. And we also made a small bag design, you can easily put it in your small bag. You can take it wherever you go, and when you need it, you can take it out and use it at any time.

hair wet wipes

Post time: Dec-11-2020