Don’t choose the wrong wipes that your baby uses every day!


After having a baby, wet wipes have become a must-have for the family.

Especially when you take your baby out, it is convenient to carry, you can wipe your ass when your poop and pee, you can wipe your baby’s hands if they are dirty, and you can throw them away when they are dirty, eliminating the hassle of cleaning.

Although wet wipes are convenient, using the wrong wipes may cause harm to the baby. Today we invited Li Yin, a dermatologist, to tell us how to choose and use wet wipes.

Big name=absolutely safe ❌

What really determines the quality of baby wipes is not the brand, but the ingredients.

To ensure that bacteria do not multiply and grow in wet wipes, baby wipes usually need to be added with chemical preservatives, but the use of appropriate chemical preservatives in compliance with regulations is usually safe.

However, parents should never choose products that contain alcohol, flavors, fluorescent agents and other ingredients, as they may irritate the baby’s skin.

Newborn babies have a thin skin stratum corneum. Whether it is effective skin care ingredients or other ingredients that may have an impact on health, they are more easily absorbed by the skin, so parents must carefully look at the ingredient list on the package when choosing wet wipes.

Wet wipes that can be eaten, tasted and chewed = safe ❌

In order to avoid mechanical obstruction of the esophagus caused by the baby’s accidental ingestion of wet wipes, it is recommended that the wet wipes be placed out of the baby’s reach.

Wet wipes that can be eaten, tasted, and chewed are actually a marketing propaganda that lacks common sense of safety.

Safe wipes = use as you want ❌

Although the wet wipes are convenient to use, it is recommended to wash your hands with running water where it is convenient to wash your hands.

If your baby’s skin is damaged or infected, eczema is severe, or diaper rash is accompanied by secondary infection, it is necessary to stop using wet wipes and any skin care products, and seek medical advice in time.

Wet wipes are disposable items and should not be reused. After wiping the mouth and hands, and then wiping the toys, it seems to be economical, but it may actually cause cross-infection of bacteria.

Post time: Mar-20-2021