Do you know how to use disinfectant wipes properly?

Disinfecting wipes are now widely used as a tool for surface cleaning and disinfection, and are favored by many people. There are many types of disinfectant wipes on the market today, but not all “wet wipes” can be disinfected. Do you know how to make a reasonable choice? How to use it correctly? Let’s talk about “disinfectant wipes” today.

Wet wipes can be divided into three categories according to their use

The first category is ordinary wipes that only have a cleaning effect and cannot be disinfected. They are mainly used for skin cleaning and moisturizing.

The second category is sanitary wipes with bacteriostatic function, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria, but cannot reach the level of disinfection.

The third category is disinfection wipes, which can reach the level of disinfection and can be used for disinfection of skin or surfaces.

Disinfectant wipes are not recommended

Frequent use of disinfectant wipes in daily life is not recommended. The bactericidal active ingredients (such as alcohol or quaternary ammonium salts) in disinfectant wipes will irritate the skin, mucous membranes and eyes, and frequent use will destroy the sebum film that protects the skin, making the skin dry and prone to skin diseases. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it frequently in daily life. At the same time, it is recommended to apply moisturizing products after using disinfection products to avoid excessive dry skin.

It is not recommended to use alcohol-based disinfectant wipes to disinfect wounds. Alcohol-based disinfectant wipes should not be used to clean and disinfect wounds. The concentration of general medical alcohol is 75%. Alcohol is highly irritating, and when used in wounds, it will cause a strong sense of pain, which will affect the healing of wounds, and there is a risk of tetanus infection.

Avoid contact with open flames after using alcohol-based disinfectant wipes. Alcohol with a concentration of more than 60% will ignite in case of fire, so it should be stored away from high temperature and open flames. After using alcohol-based disinfectant wipes, you should avoid approaching or touching open flames to avoid accidents.

How to use disinfectant wipes correctly

There are many brands and types of disinfectant wipes on the market. Due to the lack of professional knowledge, many people have made difficulties in choosing disinfectant wipes. In fact, most people only need to pay attention to the following points when choosing disinfecting wipes, it is enough!

When purchasing, make sure that the product package is in good condition, without damage, air leakage, liquid leakage, etc. It is best to buy products with sealing stickers, and confirm whether they are within the shelf life before purchasing.

Pay attention to the ingredients and effects of disinfectant wipes. Not all disinfectant wipes can kill viruses. Wet wipes that contain effective anti-virus ingredients are needed. Therefore, when choosing wet wipes, you must pay attention to the ingredients added on the product label.

Pay attention to purchasing disinfectant wipes in small and medium-sized packages or individually packaged wipes. Large-package wipes will be used for a long time, which may cause the volatilization of sterilizing active ingredients during use, which will greatly reduce the sterilization and disinfection effect of the wipes. It is best to buy products with sealing stickers and sealing covers, which can effectively delay the volatilization rate of the sterilizing active ingredients of disinfectant wipes, and at the same time avoid the breeding of bacteria.

Post time: Apr-06-2022