Disinfectant wipes

The epidemic is still going on. This is a war in which everyone is participating but there is no gunpowder. In addition to supporting the front line as best as they can, ordinary people should protect themselves and avoid infection, prevent the epidemic from happening to themselves, and do not cause chaos.


There are currently three known ways of bacterial transmission: oral fluid, droplets and contact transmission. The first two can be effectively blocked by wearing masks and goggles, but the most easily overlooked is contact transmission!

In order to avoid the indirect spread of the virus, washing your hands frequently, disinfecting, and disinfecting things you need to touch is the most effective preventive measure.

According to Academician Li Lanjuan, a member of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission, 75% ethanol disinfection can effectively eliminate live viruses. The new coronavirus is afraid of alcohol and is not resistant to high temperatures.

Therefore, it is necessary to use 75% alcohol to disinfect the places that need to be touched daily! Why is 75% concentration necessary? Popular science:

This is because too high a concentration of alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of the bacteria, preventing it from entering the bacteria body, and it is difficult to completely kill the bacteria.

If the alcohol concentration is too low, although it can enter bacteria, it cannot coagulate the protein in the body, nor can it completely kill the bacteria.

Experiments have proved that 75% alcohol has the best effect, no more or less!

Do daily anti-virus work! this point is very important!
Today, the editor recommends a good daily disinfection product for everyone——
Disinfecting wipes containing 75% alcohol.



This alcohol wipes can not only inhibit the new coronavirus, but also useful for pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and Candida albicans!

Not only does it use 75% alcohol, but even the water used has been treated many times and can be physically sterilized!

According to the Shenzhen Health Commission, on February 1, the Institute of Liver Diseases, Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital found that the stool of certain patients with pneumonia infected with the new type of coronavirus had tested positive for the new type of coronavirus. There may be live virus in the patient's stool.

Therefore, you should also pay attention to being infected when you go to the toilet. This alcohol wipe can effectively wipe out the bacteria that ordinary toilet paper can't remove, which is also a preventive method!



In other words, in addition to wearing masks to prevent droplets, we must also be careful that the virus is exposed to hands, rubbing our eyes, picking our noses, and touching the mouth to cause infection and spread.

If we come back from the outside, although we wear masks, our clothes and hair can still be contaminated with the virus. During the epidemic, it is best to come back from home. The whole body can be changed, washed, and all disinfected.

Especially our hands, we must wash our hands frequently!

This is a point that 90% of people easily overlook;

Among the recommendations given by the World Health Organization on the protection of the new coronavirus, the first is to wash hands.
Finally, I wish the world an early return to safety and health.

Post time: Nov-16-2020