Different age groups are suitable for different wet wipes

Different age groups are suitable for different wet wipes, and children have weak resistance, so the things that can be touched should be safe and healthy in terms of materials and ingredients, especially those that can come into contact with the skin or mouth.

Different age groups are suitable for different wet wipes262

There are also different classifications of the same things, and baby wipes can be divided into many types.
1. PH value
If you are buying baby wipes, you should choose a pH value of about 6.5, because the pH value of baby skin is about 6.5.

2. Function
Baby wipes are divided into different types according to their functions. They can be divided into disinfection wipes and hand-mouth wipes. The wet wipes have disinfection and antibacterial functions. Different wet wipes have different comfort levels for babies.
3. Material
The cost and price of wet wipes mainly depend on non-woven fabrics.
Baby wipes generally use spunlace non-woven fabrics, which are divided into two types: direct laying and cross laying. Straight spread has poor tensile resistance, thinner and more transparent, easy to deform and fluff, which can cause discomfort to the baby. Cross-laid netting is also called vertical and horizontal netting, which has tensile strength and is basically not deformed, and the cloth is thick and not easy to penetrate.

Different age groups are suitable for different wet wipes1402

4. Ingredients
The ingredients that cannot be added to baby hand and mouth wipes are alcohol, essence, preservatives, fluorescent powder, and water that has not been fully sterilized.

● Enriched with milk essence to nourish baby’s delicate skin

● EDI pure water is easier to be absorbed

● Contains edible xylitol, a natural and healthy sweetener, mothers can use it with confidence

When choosing wet wipes, age, moisture, and purchase target needs are all factors to be considered. In addition, some common wet wipes also contain some plant extracts, so what are the common extracts? What are the effects?

✔ Aloe vera extract: moisturizing, regulating the balance of water and oil on the skin, soothing and repairing damaged skin, improving the toughness and elasticity of the skin, and tightening the skin.

✔ Shea Butter Essence: Contains rich non-saponifiable ingredients, easy to absorb, prevents dryness and cracking, maintains the natural elasticity of the skin, and deeply moisturizes the skin.

✔ Portulaca Essence: It has the effects of reducing dampness and relieving itching, clearing away heat and reducing swelling. It can be used for dermatitis and eczema exudation.

✔ Tremella extract: Tremella polysaccharide has excellent moisture retention ability.

✔ Honeysuckle extract: The main active ingredients are chlorogenic acid and luteolin, which have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

✔ Chamomile extract: calms the skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, hydrating and moisturizing, suitable for sensitive skin.

Post time: May-19-2021