Alibaba recreates Tmall in Southeast Asia, Lazada brand mall LazMall is upgraded


The annual Lazada 9.9 shopping festival was officially launched in six Southeast Asian countries. Different from previous years, Lazada officially announced a new upgrade of its leading brand mall LazMall, during the 9.9 shopping festival this year. Help brands, retailers and authorized distributors connect with more than 70 million active consumers on the Lazada platform to build an e-commerce platform for global brands to win the Southeast Asian market.


Lazada is regarded as the Southeast Asian version of “Tmall”, which is a brand new upgrade launched by LazMall. In addition to launching a brand-new brand image, four new features including Beat the Price, Brands for You, Brand Directory, and “Follow” Button Feature have also been introduced in Southeast Asia. Lazada has also set up compensation policies in Southeast Asia to ensure that the goods sold on the platform are genuine.

LazMall provides brands with powerful e-commerce solutions, making it easier for new brands to open stores in Lazada. Brands can also enter their loyalty program into the Lazada platform. Through the search, recommendation and LazLive live broadcast functions supported by Lazada’s proprietary technology infrastructure, and with Lazada’s logistics infrastructure and contract performance capabilities in Southeast Asia, it will bring consumers an extraordinary shopping experience.

LazMall is an online mall in Southeast Asia. The number of resident brands has grown more than nine times since its establishment in 2018. In the second quarter of 2020, the number of brands joining LazMall has more than doubled year-on-year, and orders in this quarter have more than tripled over the same period last year.

Department stores and shopping centers in Southeast Asia have also accelerated their pace of entering LazMall. Currently, well-known brands that have joined LazMall include 30 merchants in Marina Square in Singapore and 40 merchants in Siam Center in Thailand. Brands such as Coach, Himalaya, MINISO, Coyan, Starbucks and Under Armour have also joined LazMall in the past six months.

Currently, more than 18,000 brands have settled in LazMall. According to data, more than 80% of the brands on the Forbes global consumer brand list have settled in LazMall.

In order to ensure that the goods sold on the platform are genuine, LazMall has also created compensation clauses in Southeast Asia-if consumers buy non-genuine products at LazMall, Thailand and Malaysia will provide up to five times the compensation, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines The market will provide twice the compensation. In addition, the platform allows easy returns within fifteen days.

Liu Xiuyun, Co-President and Head of Commercial Business Group of Lazada Group, said: “LazMall plays a key role in Lazada’s overall business strategy. Both local and international brands hope to increase their influence and growth in Southeast Asia through an omni-channel approach. We will continue to Invest in critical infrastructure services and user experience to support our brand partners and better give back to consumers in Southeast Asia.”

Since becoming the flagship e-commerce platform of Alibaba Group in Southeast Asia in 2016, Lazada has established advanced technology, logistics and payment systems in Southeast Asia with the help of Alibabas globalization strategy and digital infrastructure, in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. The markets of six countries, Thailand, and Vietnam have all achieved rapid development.

Post time: Nov-16-2020