Alcohol disinfectant wipes, powerful sterilization without irritation, and prevent viruses.

Academician Li Lanjuan, a member of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission, publicly confirmed at the press conference:


“The new coronavirus is afraid of alcohol and is not resistant to high temperatures. According to previous experience with coronaviruses, ether, 75% ethanol, fluorine-containing detoxifiers, and peracetic acid can all effectively inactivate the virus.”

Academician Li Lanjuan also advises everyone: “You can use 75% alcohol, wipe and disinfect regularly in places that you often touch.”

The People’s Daily and other official media have also popularized science. Ethanol (commonly known as alcohol) is a scientifically proven weapon to effectively kill the new coronavirus!

It is really important to carry alcohol disinfection wipes with you and keep a few at home! Wipe it with alcohol cotton pads before the child eats, wipe it when receiving courier delivery, and wipe the cell phone when returning from outing…

When everyone goes out to purchase and take out the trash, clothing, tables and chairs, toilets, sofas… these places must be disinfected and sterilized! The door handle should also be disinfected with alcohol! You never know what channels the virus will lurking around, and alcohol is one of the ways that scientists have proven effective to kill the new coronavirus!

The alcohol concentration is 75%, and the sterilization rate exceeds 99.9%, which can effectively kill a variety of common germs.

Here I want to specifically mention that this wet wipe is different from many alcohol wipes on the market in that the alcohol it uses is food grade alcohol that is fermented from food.


Some people may think that it sounds like medical grade alcohol is higher, but the fact is that food grade alcohol is higher than medical grade alcohol, so this wipe is safer to use. And because it is food grade alcohol and food grade glycerin, it can be used to wipe the face and around the lips, even if you accidentally touch your lips, it will not be dangerous!

In addition, we all know that long-term use of alcohol can cause dry skin. In order to protect the skin, this wet wipe is also specially added with food-grade glycerin, so that it will not be too irritating and dry in direct contact with the skin.


This Alcohol disinfecting wet wipes has the professionalism and authority of Huashan, and it is also a small package of 10 pieces, which is very convenient to carry out.

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Post time: Mar-04-2021